The Journey

I belong to a broken family were my mom is trying hard to raised us alone 'till she got married again and have 1 child. We grew up together happily. My mom trying her best to send us to school and trained us in traditional business in the market. Yes! We're so lucky that she thought us a lot how to survive when hardship comes 'till I finish my study but unluckily was not able to find a good job of my own but everything work okay because I used what my mom thought me.

I enter the world of chatting where I meet the man I thought who can give me a brighter tomorrow. We meet in Manila and things happened so we decide to go back to my place in Cagayan de Oro city where I let him meet my parents. Two weeks after he flew back to his place, I found out I was pregnant then. On that time we begin argue and things change. He supported my pregnancy till my baby reach 1 year of age. He counted things and humiliate me and call me what ever he wants to call me and we agreed when the baby reach 5 yrs of age he will begin the educational policy and I will do the rest, but my baby is 6 now he never do what we agreed about.

I raised my child alone with greatest hardship I encountered, but I'm still thankfull to the Lord because He blessed me so much inspite of things I've done wrong to him. I raised my baby in the way I believed is descent and acceptable to God and man. I do work and do manicure services during my free time. I'm working as a field promo where I do direct selling to the place where we intend to go with the team and of course my daughter with me..what ever i do for better and for worst in sickness n in health she always been there with me witnessing of things I've done, every hardship I've felt, she wipe every tears that fall unto my eyes and whispering to me...shhhh come down mama things will be alright Jesus is here with us. She lifted me up and never turn me down because of her every pain,weary, vanish all of a sudden....

Now the journey must go on with every promises of the Lord whos strenghtens me, who gives me hope and more strenght because GOD gives me the ability to produce wealth....

Welcome to My Blog!

My name is Bhebz. I am a 36 years old single mom of a beautiful 6 years old girl. My primary source of income is from selling dry goods via direct selling. I live in the beautiful City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro.

This blog is about my life and my opinions on many things. This is my personal space where I want to keep track all the memories of my life both happy and sad. This is my place where I can talk about many things that I find interesting and more.

I hope you enjoy your stay here!